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Instantiation a literal of decimal fraction without its exponent part as a Rational

In Ruby, a literal of decimal fraction is instantiated as a Float.

I make a patch to modify it so that a literal of decimal fraction without its exponent part is instantiated as a Rational.

The reason why I wrote this patch is that I think most Rubyists don't need to use Float values. Correct use of Float values is difficult for many people, especially most of Rubyists, who aren't well acquainted with floating-point number arithmetic. I want to realize the world that nobody is in trouble with floating-point errors.

I will talk about such a topic in RubyConf 2011. The talk is titled "Float is Legacy". I've got this title from Ujihisa. I love this title.


My original color scheme for vim "mrkn256.vim" is available on github

I have my original color scheme for vim, called "mrkn256.vim". It has been available on a page in

Today, I have created a git repository for mrkn256.vim and a project in github for it , and pushed it into the project. So mrkn256.vim color scheme is also available on github.

Enjoy hacking with vim!